Monday, March 13, 2017

New gardening season

Hi everyone! :)

It's a new gardening season, so I've already started preparing the garden.

Of course, it's an early spring time, so the soil in my garden is very muddy.
Taking into consideration that winter was much more snowy than the previous ones, we have a big thaw everywhere. 

A few years ago we built a pond, well, a hole in the ground, to be precise. Its purpose was to collect water from an early spring thaw. It's working as you can see, and in spring it's always full, but later in the season the water level  subsides and the pond is dry and empty.

Because of the thaw I've already lost a few plants :( One peony, one iris and one day lilly, they all decayed. I hope I won't lose more plants. 

But, apart from the sad moments like losing the plants, there are many happy incidents that are harbingers of spring :)

Snowdrops are already flowering, plants are slowly coming out. My roses have swollen buds and my honeysuckles (Lonicera caerulea) have buds either. Red rhubarbs look like small mushrooms :)

Here, some one cheeky hare pooped on my tulips and pulled one on the ground 😠

This comming week I'll start sowing flowers seeds. I already sowed some :)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dahlia: Tsuki Yori No Shisha

This is my favourite dahlia: Tsuki Yori No Shisha.

I absolutely love it! It grows tall, flowers are big and heavy and they are pure white with a creamy-yellow center. I bought it last year and I fell in love with it :

In the pictures below it looks yellowish, because the flowers were just facing the Sun.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pumpkins // Dynie

Our pumpkins this year :) We still have some, but majority of them are already eaten.


A to nasze dyńki z tego roku. Większość już zjedzona, ale kilka jeszcze się znajdzie :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Purple in the garden // Fiolet w ogrodzie

Purple is a colour I've never associated with vegetables (ok, except for a red cabbage that is deep-rooted in Polish cuisine), but now we can grow even purple peppers, beans and many more.
Purple plants, fruit are rich in anthocyans, so it means you should eat a lot of them to stay healthy and look young :)
I've gathered some pics from this and last year to show you what edible plants in the shades of purple I grew in the garden.


Fioletowy to kolor, który nie bardzo kojarzył mi się z warzywami (no, poza czerwoną kapustą, która jest dosyć mocno zakorzeniona w polskiej kuchni),  ale obecnie możemy uprawiać nie tylko papryki o fioletowej skórce ale też fasolę i wiele innych.
Rośliny i owoce o fioletowej, ciemnej, czerwonej skórce sa bogate w antocyjany, czyli, aby pozostać zdrowymi i pięknymi powinnismy jeść ich dużo :)
Zebrałam trochę zdjęć z tego i zeszłego roku, aby Wam pokazać jakie jadalne rośliny w odcieniach purpury udało mi się uprawiać :)

Sweet peppers // papryki słodkie

Chili pepper "Purple Flash'' (variegated with purple foliage)
Papryczka chili ( o pstrych, fioletowych liściach)

'Purple King' beans // fasola szparagowa

Eggplants // bakłażany

Pak choi cabbage // kapusta Pak choi

Tomatoes // pomidory

Indigo Blue Beauty:

'Blue Pitts'


 Lettuce 'Maiko' // sałata

Turnip 'De Nancy' // rzepa

Physalis // miechunka pomidorowa

Basil // bazylia

Chinese mustard // musztardowiec

Kale 'Scarlett' // jarmuż

Of course I have some purple flowers too, maybe they're not edible, but still nice to look at :)
Oczywiście mam też trochę fioletowych kwiatów, nie sa może jadalne, ale są bardzo ładne :)